Thursday, October 29, 2009


photographs: sights. shoes. slippery lighting. 

love me some morning fog, discovering new streets and coming across old/familiar ones, the loose tile in my flat, cooking breakfast to shuffled christmas tunes, rue mouffetard on sunday (er, any day), my paris pratique from 2004, candied almonds from the market, bbm-ing lulu, cobblestone, the bernards' espresso machine & itsy bitsy cups, checking the weather from bed, feeling lucky. 

was in the museum day mood but they were not in the mood for me. d'orsay: 2 hr wait, picasso: closed (strange), kate moss: lack of funding date push back. but, carnavalet and the galleries around place des vosges were trustworthy as always. and the vogue covers exhibit down the champs was swell.
gorgeous runs through the forest this week. the weather has been perfect.
i will be attempting a tissue paper christmas tree today. oh a&c, why did people ever abandon you? fools.
i'm getting a (faux) fur coat --- and i don't care what anyone says.
paris when the sun goes down is surreal.
favorite moment: morning after it rains when the sun is light but strong enough to toast your chilled skin, shadows of clouds are rolling overhead, the breeze is just perfect, and the air smells heavenly. thank you, saturday.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

for the topher

120th anniversary light show: la tour eiffel 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a parisian tuesday.

i've never been more in love with paris. everyday it hits me harder. this morning, it almost hurt.
a parisian tuesday.


this week's noted appreciations.
ability to walk. weekend's find: homemade confiture, noel. morning air. fresh figs and sweet pears. chapstick. sunrise. the caramel tea left by kate in the twinkle lit cabinet. organization. chasing frimousse (bernards' rabbit). memory sticks. memories in general. hearing my ma smile over the phone when she received my birthday package. the tea kettle's whistle. nathalie's baked apples. chalkboard menus. making the direct train to chantiers.

Friday, October 16, 2009

handsome joys of joshua and jouy.

my town and my

i befriended a starbucks near class. jazz, welcoming chairs, no one rushing my coffee/study time. i’m sorry. i had to. don't judge me. 
joshua radin. one. only. always. the love of my life. the end.
the play button on the christmas play list has been pushed. oh this makes me so happy!
while it hurts my heart to miss 2 weeks of travel time, i'm looking forward to seeing some of the beautiful familiar faces found in ny and sd this december.
the kids in the house facing my flat play instruments (many), and each night on my walk home i cross my fingers hoping they will be practicing as i pass.
on a run this morning, i watched three deer cross 10 feet ahead. such speed and such grace.
local artists gallery last weekend = lovely.
my town has been explored. consensus? completely darling. and will be the quaintest of quaint when wrapped tightly in a blanket of snow. oh winter, find me.
   a few of my favorite things
my new and almost thigh high boots. tomorrow's plans: photo exhibit, versailles, postcards. morning runs down unfamiliar roads. egg whites with lox. winter socks. stark, black ink. alexandre's accent when he attempts english. tights. having the time to not need a map.


autumn's cusp. parisian puffs.

voila. (photos)
fashion week lives on in paris. tous les jours. toujours.
bikes get an abundance of pt when the sun feels like socializing.
mind not the cigarettes and coffee for it keeps these frenchies warm. and the mornings are crisp.
there are forests to be discovered - the countryside is to soon explode with warm and welcoming fall tones.
my nagivo card starts tomorrow. twinkling eyes
my voluspa baltic amber candles are stranded stateside so i gave in. the new scent reveals a hint of christmas. parfait.
the french press is an ingenious gadget.
i fall in love. with everything...

Friday, October 9, 2009

letter combinations create plenty of naught.

the camera is resting. a quick nap until the weekend. 
bhv reminds me of christmas in ny. lighting. scent. masses. like tiffany’s for holly golightly. now i know where to go in a case of the mean reds.
ticket to ireland for month's end - check! insert excitement-so-overwhelming-that-my-visage-muscles-lost-mobility-and-breathing-is-becoming-difficult expression here. 
i drink too much pellegrino.
joshua radin (the voice) concert tomorrow. it hasn’t felt like this before. hasn’t felt like home…before you. oh joshua. he could save anyone. 
i love thunderstorms. forgot how much until the night before last. the winds are aggressive and the rain pounds with intention. blasts of light and sounds of strength. i adore october. 
my french teacher is fantastic. she makes fun of us when we screw up in class. love love.
birds here sing to break soundproof barriers. eloquent and boisterous. they park on every tree in their vibrant blue and white coats. 
the temperature is fickle. as are the streets. like me. we have become good friends for this reason.

charms: old people, umbrellas, eye contact with strangers, trains, chic gloves, inexpensive wine, flore's humor, macy gray's don't forget me, sonny rollins a night in tunisia, sunday brunch, cobblestone.

Monday, October 5, 2009

words (too many). rain (perfect amount). paris (never enough).

a week's worth of random nothings. marking my flat. and a few photos. snapsnaps live here.

the forests have yellow freckles and bronze frosted tips. je love seasons. even more than vivaldi's. with the exception of summer.
in the absence of my guitar, i learned silent night on the harmonica. but i've forgotten the original lyrics. thanks, lisa hannigan.
the passageway to metro 12 smells of fresh baked bread with the sweet accent of pastries. it fills the tunnel (and me) with morning bliss.
last weekend's loves:
runners. blankies. watching 'a good year' over and over. RER c. line drying clothes. grey clouds over paris. pretending the stove top is an oven. arts & crafts. stan getz & joão gilberto – para machuchar meu coração. pellegrino in plastic 6 packs with handles for easy transport. cold hands. hot tea.

decided to attempt cursive (no reason, really). my Rs look like Is and my Fs don't look like any letter in the alphabet. ah buggers.

i've added bits of moi to my flat:
birdies. pom pom vine (kate/cyn, for you). books. wire skirted mannequin (paris find) to soon make resemble david seidner paris fashions 1945. moved my bed under the window. i always beat the sun. and can't wait for a midnight rainfall. oooh!