Tuesday, January 12, 2010

defrosting. (re)frosting. hopping the atlantic.

three weeks stateside, fancy new tea, and two longchamps bags later, i’m back to all things french... and paris never looked so lovely: effortlessly elegant, quaint yet grandeur, kind but cold, poetically cliché in the most wonderful way. and. there is snow neatly sitting on branches and snuggling the forest floor in jouy. merci, la france. 

mid-january & christmas remains in paris. the chestnuts are still roasting, twinkle lights line trees, and windows are dressed up in holiday cheer. the kids enjoyed their presents and the quotidian snowball fights are a treasure. yes, please.

winter - i’ve only fallen down a few icy stairs (it’s slippery! i’m from california, leave me alone.) and had roughly 148.2 close calls (loafers are not for snow. lesson one.). this will be a darling winter if i can keep my bones intact and the bruising to a minimum (not likely. it's way too fun.).
pictures of a white france soon, but for now, some shots from new york during my attempt at frostbite evasion. photos.
bonne année et bisou.