Tuesday, November 17, 2009

after dark. season's start. markets. color stripping.

photo album ici.

my ireland hanky purchase. roasted chestnuts. finding my lens cap. paris streets live band gatherings. sunday market dancing. accordions. overdosing on perfected tea. my new fur hat (mm, and fur vest…mm, and fur scarf hehe). walking into my warm flat from the cold. seeing chimneys paint winter. enormous fallen leaves on my walk to the bernards. new company. the scent of paris.

When my morning dose of apple cider vinegar tasted funny, i knew it was coming. it tried. but i battled that almost cold with tea and will and by golly, we won! 
Children playing in leaf piles near place de Madeleine is tres charming. no camera allowed. it would’ve ruined their moment. i wouldn't dare.
I watch people. this makes me smile. and often look a little nuts. i'm ok with that. 
Noel a paris. markets in montmartre? window displays surrounding opera garnier? ice skating in hotel de ville? avenue montaigne dressed up in lights? santa’s village on saint germain des pres? festival d’art sacre de la ville de paris? be still, my heart, BE STILL. i’ve made a list. checked it 645 times. all will be seen. all will be loved. 
Americans for a day. stuffing and all. we are having thanksgiving dinner at sara’s apartment. good times to be had. 
The thought of leaving france hurts my heart. the thought of coming back gives me butterflies. like being in love. the fact that I live here right now… well, there are no words.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

irish days

day one, hour err, maybe two: ducked out of the rain and into a pub for some irish sounds and liquids. befriended a lovely lad, dubs…7 hours of chatter and many an empty glass later, I followed the cobblestone road to my bed.

dear ireland, 
you could not have made a better first impression.
thank you, kindly.
dublin is like most european cities but smaller and with a lot of brick and more cobblestone than most (don't dare stiletto this place. seriously. you'll snap your ankle.).

photos that the rain permitted - here.  
ireland side note - never made it out of dublin. castle, trinity college, museums, cathedrals, the basics? check. the great green grounds? next round. 

live music everyday, all day (well, almost all day)
extremely friendly people (refreshing change from france, no offense frenchies)
and great whiskey (naturally)
hot cider with brandy and a fresh crepe from the temple bar market is perfection on a chilly saturday. 
never leave home without an umbrella. the sneaky clouds roll in from nowhere for a quick shower. 
men say lovely, delightful, and brilliant a lot. they also drink tea. and cider. and it doesn't affect their confidence levels. take note, americans.
window shopping with leigh is a seriously good time. vintage to couture. and conversation.
traditional foods (full irish breakfast, shepard's pie, etc. and, well, guinness) are heavy and cooked for extra artery clogging.
i'm fairly certain they drug the grass in ireland. those brilliant shades of green are unnatural. 
gaelic football is not football nor is it football (soccer). i still need to youtube it.
sniffing snuff is like smelling vix vapor rub. 
favorite eats: avoca (top floor), queen of tarts, cornucopia, gourmet burger, the joy of coffee.