Tuesday, May 25, 2010

days dwindle whilst spring flourishes

i have a mighty grip on my last days (for a while) in france. with a plethora of friends passing through to inhale the french air and sip the petite cups of espresso on afternoons created for the gods, my level of joy is ineffable. the camera has been put to sleep for fear of risking the taste of moments for my obsession with freezing them. ni, one of this grand earth's greatest, arrives on friday for a dash of the french open and printemps in the city.

treasured treats.
the forest's morning scent. all things navy. white on white. the sunny side of the street (for very short periods of time, bien sur). markets spilling over with the fashionable's search for local. frozen grapes and grapefruit. attempting to work a french keyboard (oopala!). manu's apartment. toile de jouy. iced lemon water. picnics on the seine. deep sleep. french poetry. alex's obsession with befriending insects and creating tupperware homes for them. paris. paris. paris. paris. paris. caramel salt macarons from laduree. pandora's ability to start dance parties at any moment. love. paris. paris. open windows. natural light. frozen yogurt. badoit water. extended new york lay-overs. dreams of returning.
lost photo album.